Low Vision Works Consulting Group (LVWCG) is a turnkey, fully managed low vision rehabilitative services consulting company with proven results and experience. Our goal is to implement and manage a successful low vision rehabilitation program for your practice.

The LVWCG affiliate relationship generates revenue for the affiliate and guides them in gaining market share within their community. LVWCG also provides generous marketing support to its affiliates through national marketing efforts, existing federal systems network contacts and established nationwide relationships within the medical community. LVWCG also has access to a nationwide network of certified therapists that are readily recruited to immediately impact to your revenue stream.

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Low Vision Rehabilitation

Specific training in low vision rehabilitation theory and method is needed before occupational therapists can provide comprehensive and competent services.

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Clinical Staff

Your therapists go through an intensive standardized CE eligible program and become a Low Vision Works certified practitioner.

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Vandendooren Protocol

Eighty individuals were randomly selected from a group of 2,500 patients who suffered from significant visual impairment and participated in the Vandendooren Protocol (VP) home occupational therapy low vision rehabilitation program.

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I started Low Vision Works in September. Half way through the program, my O.T. (Occupational Therapist) re-evaluated my vision. In my good eye, it had improved from 20/200 to 20/70. A week later, I saw my ophthalmologist for my yearly exam. He was amazed that my vision had improved so much since I saw him a year ago.

I can’t brag enough on the professionals who have been working with me. And I am especially proud of the lady who designed this program. I want to encourage anyone who has AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration) to contact Low Vision Works and get with the program. It really works!”

Elsie Brearley
November 1, 2011